Toyota Land Cruiser NSW Police

Credits:Texturing, converting in GTA SA: Artur0777

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converting in GTA SA: Artur0777 
Texturing, converting in GTA V: AlexeyHIT 
Special thanks: Alex9581, Tizir. 
Lightbar made by KevinDV, Sam and Ekalb. 
Livery, Mapping and converting lightbar by wer38 

Version 2.0 
-New 90 series Lightbar 
-Els compatible (Sorry no legacy version) 
-Fixed missing parts in mapping 
-Removed default bumper 
-Multi livery support 
-Fixed a few lighting problems 

Version 1.1 
-4k livery 
-remapped + new template (sorry to the people who made liverys) 
-redone lightbar 

Version 1.0 
-First release 

Last Updated: Nov 26, 2018
First Uploaded:  Nov 26, 2018
Toyota Land Cruiser NSW Police
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