Menyoo PC [Single-Player Trainer Mod] 1.0.1

Description: A gui trainer mod for Grand Theft Auto V.

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A gui trainer mod for Grand Theft Auto V. 

This mod requires the latest GTA V patch and the latest version of Alexander Blade's ScripthookV plugin. 

Press F8 while in-game to open. 
If you select the controller as your input option via the settings, you may use the controller (Binds being RB+Left) to use the menu. Otherwise, use the arrow keys or the num keys. 

Backspace - Back 
Enter - Select 
UpArrow - Up 
DownArrow - Down 
LeftArrow - Left 
RightArrow - Right 

Controller input: 
B/Circle - Back 
A/X - Select 
DPAD Up - Up 
DPAD Down - Down 
DPAD Left - Left 
DPAD Right - Right 

Object Spooner tutorial by @abstractmode: 
Object Spooner tutorial. 


- Bugfix - SpoonerMode, GravityGun, TeleportGun, etc. were detecting all surfaces as mutable entities. 
- Bugfix - Weapon abilities stopped working due to a code optimisation issue. 
- Bugfix - Infinite ammo was always enabled. 

Last Updated: May 06, 2019
First Uploaded:  May 06, 2019
Menyoo PC [Single-Player Trainer Mod]
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